Unexpectedly Neighbors: Finally Going on a Date with My College Roommate

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I moved away from home four years ago for

Me and Pau as Roommates, pre-graduation.

university education. For the first year, I lived in a dormitory with two roommates; in my second year, I moved to an apartment with a couple of my church and orgmates. In my junior year, I suddenly had to move out of my shared apartment and, out of desperation, I called Pau, one of my batchmates, who was my “super classmate” (someone who I shared a lot of classes with) last semester. She was the one who introduced me to where I lived until my senior year and we were roommates for two years.

I graduated a semester earlier than Pau, and we haven’t seen each other since around a month before graduation which means it’s already been around half a year.

Anyways, for work, I was assigned to attend a three-day training seminar-type of thing somewhere in Ortigas. I knew Pau worked in the area so I got in touch with her and told her how we could maybe go and finally hang out with each other again.

After the third day of my training in Ortigas (which was 8am-12nn), I had a meeting. Meanwhile, Pau had the whole day to serve at her job, so we agreed to just meet at 5pm.  My meeting finished an hour earlier so I messaged Pau for instructions on how to get to her building. She asked what building I was in and after a few confusions with street names and locations, it was such an ironic and fate-filled moment when I answered because we then found out that our buildings were right next to each other.

I waited for Pau outside her building and it was comedically like a melodrama where at


the exact moment I turned to look at the entrance, Pau was coming out and looking for me. We were too excited to be meeting each other that we didn’t even bother plan or agree on anything to do together beforehand and spent maybe 10 minutes taking pictures and snaps on the sidewalk which we’re slightly embarrassed of now. #millenials

We ended up deciding to go to SM Megamall and let the rush hour pass since we were going to be commuting home. We were aimlessly walking around the mall, even getting a little lost a couple of times before finally settling on eating at the food court near the ice skating rink.

For dinner we shared some California Maki Rolls from Sushi Nori and half a dozen honey garlic chicken wings fro our ulam from Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings.

​​Then we went to Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe for catching up while sharing a huge Mango Cheese Bingsu.

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Before heading home, we passed by some bookstores.

The date was a god way to end the day! We’re hoping to go on a trip the next time around.

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