The GenWe: Ultimatum Experience 01.26.18

As I’m still in my early twenties, I’ve come to realize that being in situations where you feel helpless or in situations when there’s just nothing you can do is something that’s just plain unavoidable. As much as that sucks, the upside of that is that these moments are bound to teach us a lesson or two about ourselves and about life in general whether we see it right away or not.

Young proactive people always make me look up to how they decide to do something good about it, no how simple, and not just let things pass by. GenWe:Ultimatum was one example of your people speaking up about their advocacies and values.

​Thanks to the fact that I professionally work in the development sector, I got to work with a lot of proactive people and be apart of something positive and with a purpose. ​​

​I was there on official business and working as manpower for our booth (along with many other youth-lead advocacy orgs) and as a social media manager for the event.

It was empowering to see people around my age, or even younger, participate in events such as these which were definitely fun, but with a purpose and with advocacies.

The event included performances by multiple local bands including Rivermaya, Autotelic, Ebe Dancel, and Sponge Cola among others, there was also a donation booth for displaced families due to the Mayon Volcano; there were a variety of delicious food booths, face and body painting, HIV awareness and testing,  as well as a cosplay contest with the grand winner taking home P25,000.

Although the event went on way past the wee hours of your resident Tita of Manila, it was a memorable experience that hopefully provided not just fun to those who went (not to mention, admission was FREE), but also shed some light and insights on issues and advocacies that all generations are concerned about nowadays.

Check out the some more of my photos from the event below:

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Did you hear about or go to GenWe too? Let me know in the comments section below!

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