The Best Types of Friends to Travel With

Most, if not all of us, have wanted to go on a trip or adventure with friends at least once in our life. Since I do travel often, both for work and for personal reasons, I came up with a brief list of the best types of friends to go on a travel adventure with.

The Self-Discovery Friend A.K.A The Hinahanap-Ko-Ang-Sarili-Ko Friend
Having a friend who’s looking to get a little perspective in life would be a great companion on any trip, really. Everybody gets a little caught up in the buzz of the city or in the chaos of daily responsibilities and deadlines; a travel buddy like this would appreciate many things on your adventure – be it the something big like the grandeur of the hotel you stay at or something minor like convenience stores with automatic doors.

The Friend Who Makes It Rain
For obvious reasons, having a friend who wants to or is willing to share a little bit more than just their own share of the trip would make any trip extra memorable. Not just through monetary means, this type of friend could also share blessings through connections or networks wherever your destination is, connections that could pull some strings for you and provide you with perks as you go about.

The Single Buddy
No hate or shade towards anyone who isn’t single, but the designated single friend would definitely be up for all sorts of activities and adventures. Having one less person to text, video call, update, or send selfies to gives them more time to be present in the moment. The single buddy would also be up for the night life and hitting the streets and clubs to meet new people, both local and visitors alike.

The Experienced Traveller
If you’re gonna be visiting or exploring an unfamiliar place, having an experienced traveller with you will definitely have its perks. Towns and cities may have their own distinct differences, but an experienced traveller can identify common trends and hacks that are useful anywhere.

The Local Speaker
When it come to countries that either speak no or very little english, having someone who can speak the local language or dialect is as good as having a local with you as you explore. People connect with other people who they perceive as having the same experiences with and a shared language is one of the easiest ways to identify common ground.

Do you have other types of friends who are great to travel with? I’d love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments section below.

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