Merienda and Good Company: Capped Off September With A Brief, But Meaningful Reunion

There’s nothing like enjoying the end of the day with some good company.

Last Thursday, I had plans to meet up with a couple of friends after my initial assessment for a possible job opportunity which, by the way, you can read about here. After being lost for around half an hour, I found my way to Snacks and Ladders which is along the ever famous Maginhawa street, two hours late compared to our initial meeting time. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I am guilty of not having explored most of the food spots along Maginhawa, but at least I’ve gotten a good start. Anyway, I hadn’t eaten all day and was super excited to see these people I haven’t seen in a while.

Aside from getting to eat after a busy day and seeing some friends, I’ve dubbed this reunion as meaningful because this would be our last hurrah with my friend, Kimmy (who I’ve known since the first grade), before we send her off to do missionary work in Australia. We haven’t seen Kimmy in months so we were more than game to spend time together once she was back in Manila (she’s currently living in Mindanao).

Unfortunately, since I was starved and late to the party, I didn’t get a chance to take photos of the snacks we had ordered. But to let you guys know, we had some nachos, cheese sticks (presented a little like they were pick-up sticks), and two orders of chicken poppers, all of which were given funkier and more game-related names which I was too preoccupied to remember. These snacks were perfect to go along with playing the dozens and dozens of games you could play at your table.

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We spent the whole time catching up with each other’s endeavors while playing quite a scandalous game of Never Have I Ever. I won the game having the least amount of things I was guilty for having done at least once in my life, but this was just because I arrived late. We couldn’t forget about taking enough pictures to bring home on the road, and of course, to later post on social media.

I’d rate my experience at Snakes and Ladders with a good nine out of ten FOODventure stars. It’s a budget-friendly place having only a P50 playing fee, with a minimum on P100 consumable for snacks to share. Food prices range between P100 and P200, while drinks at at around P80 to a little over a hundred Pesos. It’s somewhere you can go that’s good for hanging out and catching up with an atmosphere that encourages conversation and bonding among customers. It’s targeted more towards the younger generation, but I think it can be both for friends and for family.

Any experiences at Maginhawa you’d like to share? Comment them down below!

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