Friday Night at Sagul Malingap Food Park

Last Friday night, due to traffic, rain, and prior plans being cancelled, a I, along with a couple of friends decided to hangout somewhere for dinner and let the intensity of Friday night rush hour die down.

The Sàgul Malingap Foodpark​ is in Diliman, Quezon City and is located along Malingap Street, relatively near the Maginhawa Area. It’s an open air hub of food stalls selling various food from grilled sausages (and other inihaw na ulam) to ice cream and milkshakes.  Sàgul’s “tagline” is “Beer. Food. Art.” I mean how could you say no to that right?

After wandering around the area a bit, we spent the rainy evening deciding what to eat while doing our best not to get wet. ​We had freshly squeezed lemonade from Partners in Cream and for dinner, I had grilled sausages and rice from Walastik Grill plus a single serving of kinilaw na tuna from Asan si Diwa at Ila Seafood Grill.

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For dessert, we shared freshly-made churros with a scoop of cookies and cream ice cream from Partners in Cream, which was probably the most instagrammable stall.

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With intoxication comes drama. The food park has two areas that are like lofts and despite us only drinking iced lemonade, we still got to witness some drama when a fight almost broke out in the park.

Compared to other food parks I’ve been to, parking available at Sàgul is a lot more spacious than what I thought. ​The food prices usually range from P120 to P300 depending on where, what, and the serving size. A lot of the food choices are not exactly cheap, but it doesn’t do too much harm on a Friday night. Some nights, they even have live performances. The park also has staff around to assist in finding places to sit, especially when the crowd starts to get bigger. You best pay a visit its not too rainy to completely avoid getting wet (although the place has a roof, there are still areas you can get wet). Also, don’t sit too near the stage because you’ll be watching people come in and out of the restroom while you eat if you do. Hoping for a partition installation soon.

The food park is a valid option for hanging out with friends. I’ll probably to try out food from other stalls. Sàgul gets a 7/10 from me.


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