Dinner at Caution Hot!

People may say that eating at every other new place is such a millennial thing to do, but hey, when you love food, why not, right?

​I found myself hanging out at one of the hubs of new food recently. Near the Maginhawa area, in Diliman, Quezon City, lies relatively new noodle house, Caution Hot!. Non-cliché names aside, who doesn’t like  a hefty serving of good ramen?

​After a good but almost generic day at work, a friend and I decided to have ramen for dinner; both of us hadn’t been, so we decided to give it a go, especially since there was such a big hype about it.
At Caution Hot!, you follow four simple steps in assembling the ramen you wanna eat: (1) Choose your toppings; (2) Choose your broth; (3) Choose your noodles; (4) Choose your burn.

The steps and choices are very customer friendly so it won’t give you any stress. The place is charming, but quite small. Seats get filled pretty quickly, and as we were eating, people started to form a waiting line. They do have chairs inside for people to wait and the place is pretty comfortable since it is fully air conditioned. Good luck with parking though because it’s pretty much non-existent.

​Not being a fan of spicy food, I ordered and All-Veggie topping, with classic broth (the only non-spicy choice, btw), with wheat noodles. Waiting time is pretty short and servings are pretty big. The all-veggie included silken tofu and vegetarian meat strips which were pretty much mystery meat, but not as bad as I thought it would be. My meal cost a total of P175.00.

I think the hype was a tad to much, but the serving size is sulit.
I give this dinner experience a 7/10​.

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