Beauty Review + November Costume Party: Using Mena Facial Cream for Costumes

I have to admit, despite Mena being around probably longer than I have been on this earth, I never heard about it until recently. Last November, if it wasn’t for our office costume party where we were to come as villains, I’d probably still not know of it until now.

After a long stretch of indecisiveness and confusion due to limited resources and experience, I decided to go as one of the most famous – if not iconic – villains known to date: JIGSAW.

Just in case you’re not a horror movie enthusiast like me or if you just have no idea who Jigsaw is at all (how long have you been living under a rock?), Jigsaw is the masked, twisted, Robin Hood-esque serial killer from the numerous Saw films. When I say numerous I mean I feel like it doesn’t end. Just when you thought it was the last film, they make a new one a few years after.

​Due to the fact that I had no time to look for and buy face paint (since it took me forever to deice on who I would go as), I asked around and googled what drugstore product/s could I use as a substitute. Hence, my discovery of Mena Facial Cream. Luckily enough, somebody else at the office needed a product to make capable of making your face white so we ended up sharing one container.

I am in no place to review Mena as a facial cream to aid in whitening or pimple and dark spot removal as other people have done since I did not use it for that purpose. As a person with sensitive skin to use who used it as costume make-up, however, I can say that it pretty much did the job I expected it to do.

For a purchase of less than P50 (even less actually, since I split the cost with someone), I definitely got my money’s worth.

I used my silicon beauty blender to spread it our all over my face after applying a generous amount with my fingers. Since it never was a product intended to have intense pigment, I did this multiple times.

It also didn’t stick on as much as I wanted to, but then again, it isn’t foundation or face paint. If you scratch or touch your face, some of it is bound to stain your hands or rub off on your sleeves.

It was sticky, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. So long as you’ll be in a cool, airconditioned room, you should be fine.

​Mena was the base for my Jigsaw clown mask make-up since most of the look is white. It lasted throughout the entire party (around 3 hours). It also didn’t irritate my skin in any way (I have sensitive combination skin).

When it comes to removal, I washed my face with water and then used some micellar water on cotton. It wasn’t as difficult to remove as you would think, especially considering how much I actually put on.

As a very affordable alternative for white face paint for costume needs, I give Mena 8 out of 10 stars.

Check out our our group photo as villains:

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